Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ready Set REACH!

So yesterday I shared with you a fresh focus on loving our Neighbors that are really our neighbors. (You have to read Who IS My Neighbor? for that to make sense) I'm really excited about what I'm planning to share with you, but I also want us to discover what to DO with the desires God is going to give us.

Not only that, but in just 55 days, I will depart with my team of 4 women and 4 young women for a unique ministry in Asia. I WILL share more about that in April, but I am knee deep in getting my team ready, so I want you to join us in our preparation that also just happens to help us know what to do with our Neighbors. I love it when I can pour my energy and heart into something that does double duty!  You can get ready for Asia with me, and we'll both be getting ready to reach the Neighbors we already have.

Join me starting TOMORROW for the first of about 8 weeks of Ready, Set, Reach!  Every Friday during RSR I will give you a free download of a Bible study for that week. It's 8 weeks of getting ready to reach the people God gives us. Could be our Neighbors in our neighborhood or our neighbors around the world. For me, I know it's going to be BOTH, so I have some prep work to do! Ready, Set, REACH! won't be a lot of work, but it will be set on sturdy legs of scripture.  This is what it will help us discover together:

Ready, Set, REACH!
  1. We'll begin by asking, "What do all people share?"  
  2. How do people know about God? 
  3. What do people need to know about God?
  4. What keeps people from finding Him?
  5. How can I show God's love to people?
  6. How can I tell God's love to people?
  7. Who do I need to be to share God? 
  8. Finally, "Who should I reach?"

Each week, download the study sheet for the week and read along. On Friday we'll recap that week's question and set the stage for the next step.  I know who I plan to reach at the end of the study, but I'm sure God will bring others I'm not expecting. Do you know who will cross your path? At the very least, it will be your Neighbor. Let's get ready, get set, and reach!

See you here tomorrow for Day #1 of Ready, Set, REACH!

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