Sunday, December 4, 2011

Manning up and making room
His own betrothal fell apart with the news of Mary's pregnancy. Men of his town must've thought he was a "spineless jellyfish" to buy the story of his virgin bride and spare her the fate of divorce or stoning. He must've awkwardly longed to be her physical comfort and tender embrace during her pregnancy and delivery, yet he had to keep his affection patiently at bay and respect her purity as she carried Jesus, despite the fact that she was his earthly wife. As wonderful as it was, it had to be hard to have hopefully made the betrothal agreement, watched her from a distance, dreamed of being close to her, and looked forward to the day when she would first bear his child. Joseph had some losses to count with the news that Almighty God had chosen Mary to bear His Son, her first child.

And the news of a new royal in the land of Israel rocked their political world. "When Herod the king heard this, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him" (Mt. 2:3).  Everyone was in upheaval when wise men came looking for the one who had been born "king of the Jews." By no choice of his own, the gentle carpenter from Nazareth found himself the caretaker of the Son of God (the lightning rod). The newlywed was assigned the job of father to Jesus' earthly family during a volatile time in a violent place. It was dangerous. They were a marked family.   This man had no choice but to multi-task! 

Joseph's story is like a deep undercurrent flowing beneath the story of Christmas. You have to read behind the main plot and look for him to find out who he was. The story that emerges is one of a man, maybe the first man, who had to choose how he would respond to making room for Jesus in his own life ... in his FAMILY!  ... in his MARRIAGE! ... in his MARRIAGE BED!  ... in his REPUTATION! ... in his CAREER!  Joseph was the first to personally have his life turned upside down by the coming of Jesus as a baby man. Much of Joseph's story can be read HERE

From Joseph's story, we discover that a man who makes room for Jesus puts the Heavenly Father first. 

A man who makes room for Jesus ...
  • has a career he uses, instead of being used by his career
  • has a reputation he will risk for the right reason
  • has upright habits
  • has a compassionate heart
  • has a desire to be a protector
  • has a mind that considers his course
  • has an obedient attitude to do all God says without procrastinating
  • has trustworthy conduct, even in private moments
  • has a brave spirit and acts confidently
  • has sensitivity to God's direction
  • has patience to wait for God's timing
  • has a nature that yields to God
  • has humility to let the Heavenly Father come first

A man who makes room for Jesus puts the Heavenly Father first.

God uses humble men who make room for Him.

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