Friday, December 16, 2011

Can you let go of your "wee"?

He may not be your traditional "Christmas story" character, but he moved something we all relate to so he could make room for Jesus. Zacchaeus left his insecurity on the ground when he climbed up to see Jesus.
We all have insecurities. And if Zacchaeus wasn't insecure before that fateful day in the Sycamore tree, he would be after discovering that centuries of people have been singing that "a wee little man was he"!!! Despite his wealth, acquired at the expense of others, this "small of stature" man would've spent a lifetime hearing the jests of taller boys and then men who got a laugh from their peers, using Zacheus as an expendable target. He must've been tired of it, and despite his attempts to take it well, it must've worn on him inside. Can you relate?

And if the years of mocking weren't enough, the fact that he was smart invited more disdain, magnified by getting the position of chief tax collector. It would've been one place Zacchaeus got to be the powerful one, and he probably couldn't help making the most of it in the midst of the tall jesters ... thus, he gathered his wealth. Mocked and despised, the last thing he would've wanted to do would be to climb up high where a whole crowd to take a shot at him. But Jesus ...

Jesus was passing by, and the loner tax collector wanted to see who He was; money couldn't buy a ticket for that front row seat. The wee little man set aside his insecurities so he could see Jesus, and he did. In fact, Jesus paused under his perch to speak to him ... not mocking, and the Teacher ended up at Zacchaeus' house. But you know that if you've sung the song about the wee little man.

Zacchaeus had his heart changed that day as he embraced the true Messiah and Jesus embraced the man's faith. "Today salvation has come to this house," (Lk. 19-10) Jesus said. He may've been small of statue, but he was big of faith, and that's what mattered to Jesus.  That's why He came.

What keeps you from getting where you need to be to see Jesus? Old messages spoken by a relative? Suggestions from a high school classmate? An unaccepting glance from a co-worker? The whispering of the Enemy who knows where you feel "wee"?  If we're to make room for Jesus in our hearts and lives, we have to leave our insecurities behind, daily, over and over, and confidently climb to where we need to be to see Jesus.  Then, when we see who He is .... invite Him in. 

  • What insecurities are keeping you from getting to Jesus this Christmas? 
  • Will you leave them on the ground?
  • Are you worried about what others will say, or are you just wanting to know what Jesus says?

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Orosco99 said...

Love this , Jul. Yes, to desire to know just what Jesus says, may that be my heart's desire!

LisaP44 said...

But Jesus; But God ~ I love those words!  Whatever our insecurities, God is bigger and He is always worth the effort it takes to get closer to Him. 

Many blessings, Julie!

A Moment with God

Julie_Sanders said...

So well said. "Always worth the effort" - yes!

Julie Sanders

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