Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tasty Tuesday ~ Advent Centerpiece

 I want to have a cool Advent centerpiece, but it just didn't happen "in time" for the first Sunday. My Scripture Dig teammate Kathy explained a little about Advent yesterday, kicking off a series on why Jesus came. But if you missed the official start of Advent like I did, don't despair. I am a firm believer in being resourceful and creative and using what you already have to make something unique. And honestly, I really don't like purple candles. :)

I chose a simple base that would hold 5 candles and a "filler."  For me, this was a shallow, medium size oval platter that I got at a yard sale a long time ago. It has a simple green border that reminds me of life.  Perfect.

To remind us of the dusty dirt road that Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem, I found some cornmeal in my pantry. I'll admit that it's past its prime, so becoming part of a Christmas display is a good use. It also happens to be self-rising ... like Jesus! :)

Since I don't have the "right" colors of candles, I gently pressed 5 votive candles into the "sandy road" surface. I think I like it that they're all white; it turns my mind to the lamb of God who took on our humble form in his earthly birth.

To finish off my advent centerpiece, I took river stones and pressed them around the candles and cornmeal to represent the difficult terrain, the treacherous journey, and the stone of offense that Jesus would be to those He came to save.

It's not traditional, but it only cost a little creativity, and the process of using what I have gently stirred my thoughts and my heart to consider what the journey to the manger ... and the journey to the cross ... was like for the baby growing in the womb of His young mama and strong father who knew what it is to be resourceful. 

With whatever you have, create a symbol for your table that will turn the hearts and thoughts of those gathered to the journey Jesus made for us. Will your children take notice? Your seeking relatives? Your neighbors? A friend? Your tired spouse?

Make the middle of your table something that shares the story of Jesus.

Blessed Advent season to you,

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TeriLynneU said...

LOVE this, Julie!!  What a great idea.  I'm now brainstorming for an Advent centerpiece for my kitchen table.

Julie_Sanders said...

I'm so glad. ;) Take a pic and share when inspiration hits!

Julie Sanders

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Orosco99 said...

Very creative and pretty - love the symbolism you derived from the "ingredients." 

Cindy said...

I soooo love this.