Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tasty Tuesday ~ 5 Ways to Use an Index Card

Two days before Thanksgiving is probably NOT the time to decide to dive into a project or make a rolled cake for the very first time. If you're like me and you're traveling to be with family, you don't have time to make a trip to Hobby Lobby for craft supplies either (rats!). But .... I bet you have these 5 common supplies to turn an ordinary 3x5 card into a thoughtful detail that says "thankful" or "helpful" on your Thanksgiving. I used only common white cards, but you could go crazy and used colored ones. ;) If you don't have standard ones (line or unlined), you can cut your own from any piece of stiff paper.

Here are 5 simple ways to use a 3x5 card to add ease and encouragement to your celebration!

Supplies you might use:
  1. scissors
  2. crayons
  3. markers
  4. a hole punch
  5. ribbon or fabric scraps

Idea #1 ~ Specialty Sign. 
An index card makes a perfect sign to distinguish between desserts, regular/decaf coffee, or items for special diets. I bent the card to make a fold, unfolded to cut the tail feathers, then refolded to finish the turkey. This little detail makes a simple "sign" into a special card that says "I planned ahead for YOU!"

Idea #2 ~ Placecard in tines.
Do you know that the prongs of the fork are called the "tines?" They make the perfect placecard holders. I folded the card in half horizontally, drew a heavy line to define the name portion of the card, added a personal "I'm thankful for you" line, and then detailed with crayons and marker dots. Voila! Simple but personal.

Idea #3 ~ Placecard at the plate.
I folded the card in half long ways, wrote an excerpt from a thanksgiving verse along the bottom, and added the name as the centerpiece. You could also use stickers, stamps, or fingerprints to decorate. Namecards are PERFECT projects to have children join in with set up and stay busy. I cut around the end of the name & decoration to make it a little more special. I like to place them at the top of the plate, and this avoids uncomfortable moments of "Where do we all sit?"

Idea #4 ~ Napkin ring.
I folded the card in half long ways, then made a small cut on either side of the center. I wrote the name on the left and a personal "love note" on the right and added a little coloring. I took a strip of left over fall colored material (ribbon works too) and threaded it through the card and around the back of a gathered cotton napkin (paper works too).  I tied it in the back to lay on the plate.

Idea #5 ~ Dinner reminder.
It really helps me to make a list of when each food item needs to get cooking. If I punch a couple of holes in the top of a vertical card and then use a ribbon or fabric to make a loop,  it makes the perfect reminder to keep me on track. This also helps when there are "helpers" in the kitchen who might want to "be in the know" and have an idea of when to help. It also helps answer questions for hungry teenagers who want to double/triple check when dinner will be ready. ;)

Do you have a 3x5 card around the house? You don't have time to make an heirloom quality traditional craft today, but I bet you have time to make a simple addition to your celebration that will add to the gratitude! Enjoy!

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LeAnn said...

These are great, Julie! Now, if I can just learn how to have beautiful handwriting/printing like you! Super cute!

Julie said...

Loved all these great ways of making things easier (for everyone) on a big event! I’d like to try them for our Christmas Dinner ... I’m sure our guests would love them, too, and it will keep eveyone on track until we can all sit down and enjoy each other’s company. Thank you, Julie, for taking your precious time to ease our stress in so many wonderful ways. God Bless you and your family always!

Julie_Sanders said...

My pleasure, and I hope you'll get to use them. I enjoyed using 2 of them this year for our Thanksgiving. :)

Julie Sanders

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