Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Book Suggestion: What Matters Most

I am convinced it's getting harder to find books we can trust. Many writers today fill pages with their own thoughts and ideas, rather than presenting God's truth. One of the things I love about writing with the Scripture Dig team is that my teammates all share a common point of reference: God's Word.

Stephanie Shott has a powerful life's story that has hammered out God's truth in who she is, and when you're with her, it's obvious His story is the most important thing to her. I'm really proud of her and excited for her to share her first book, a study that addresses a burning question for people all around the world today: What matters most?

Let me give you a glimpse of this new 6 week study. It would be a wonderful study to do starting right after Christmas, through January, to get a new year started with the understanding of what matters most.

Do you sense the need to live for eternity but find yourself living like this life is all there is? Do you long to make your life count for more than a vapor but can't seem to escape the dailies of each day? "Understanding What Matters Most", will help you sift through the gamut of life experiences and learn to make everyday decision based on what truly matters most.

"Understanding What Matters Most" will:

*Help you define your life by what matters most
*Bring clarity to your circumstances
*Learn to make your eternity intentional

Join Stephanie on a six week adventure through this often avoided and misunderstood book of the Bible. Learn why she calls it a "Heavenly Sieve" and how you find significance to these days you are given under the sun.

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