Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Psalm 1 ~ Why do friends blow away?

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I have a friend, we'll call her "J," and I found out yesterday that she left the shelter where she's been piecing her life back together and hearing about the love of God. The news was, honestly, so discouraging. I long for her to really know what grace feels like, but I can't be her savior. I wouldn't make a good savior, anyways. The news of her departure left me muttering to myself, "Why? How does this happen?"

Do you ever ask that question about someone you care for? Someone you've helped or cheered for? "How does this happen?"

It's a question I've asked before in my ministry with a women's shelter in our city, but the Lord reminded me again that the answer to my question in found in His Word. It's found in the Book of Psalms, in the "gateway" the Book, Psalm 1.

Since we're starting a focus here at Come Have a Peace on Psalms, I took the opportunity to get a thorough start on Psalm 1 this week at Scripture Dig.
What does it take to be planted firmly to bear fruit and why do some fail to benefit others and wither, themselves? God isn't keeping it a secret; He revealed it in Psalm 1.

Before she withers, pray that J's thirst would drive her back to the Living Water. I appreciate your prayers for her today. And let her story remind us all of how important it is to stay by the stream. Do we really think we can survive away from it? Read Psalm 1 here.

Tomorrow, we'll take some time to look at Psalm 1 from a very personal angle.

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Grey2cat60 said...

I have been praying for J as well! I asked myself the same questions......thank you for the encouragement !

Julie_Sanders said...

I think prayer is the best thing we can do for our friend.

Julie Sanders