Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tasty Tuesday ... Youngs Dairy

After traveling to Asia and South America in the last month, I got home Saturday around midnight, re-packed on Sunday, and headed up to Ohio with the kids on Monday. Full month, but sweet in so many ways! :)

We came up to our alma mater, Cedarville University, for Jacob to go to a worship camp. JoHanna and I are spending the week enjoying catching up with each other and spending time with friends. Jeff and I spent our college years, our first 2 married years, and 7 ministry years here, so our hearts are tied to many here.

Today ... let's say in honor of Tasty Tuesday ;) ... Jo and I had brunch at a family favorite: Young's Dairy. We ordered our traditional favorites: A Country Omelette and a chocolate covered, cream filled donut. Sweet time with my favorite girl!

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Lreedy said...

I love Youngs!!! I grew up around there. In fact, both of my parents were born and reared in Springfield, so we frequent Young's just about every time we go up there. Love their shakes!

Dennis Reedy said...

Since we grew up near Springfield, we remember Young's when it was just a dairy farm with a little window to buy milk and ice cream.  What a difference compared to today!  We love to go to Young's whenever we go up to visit family.
Dennis Reedy

Kristi Stephens said...

Oh... such a beautiful sight. The Young's cow. :) Enjoy your week!!

Julie_Sanders said...

Young's has grown so much. It hardly looks like that little dairy of long ago, but the ice cream and donuts are still great! We're amazed with all of the creative things they've done with the farm.

Julie Sanders www.comehaveapeace.blogspot.com

Julie_Sanders said...

Linda, does this mean I need to have a shake "for you?" :)

Julie Sanders www.comehaveapeace.blogspot.com