Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Scripture Dig Favorites

In the past month, my Scipture Dig team shared some of our favorite posts from each other's blogs. Today I'm sharing a post from Kathy Howard that really resonates with me about fearing God. Here's a sneak peek:

"I’ve never had a pink scooter or a big, yellow dog, but when Kathy used them to paint a picture about life with the God we love, I could relate. I realized that I’m actually a lot more acquainted with pink scooters than I thought I was, and I’m a lot more like Kathy’s Chihuahua Harley than I want to admit! Kathy uses the ordinary to point to the divine in this inspirational challenge about fearing God, first posted in January 2009 on" ............ You can read Kathy's post about "Pink Scooters and Big, Yellow Dogs" here

This month, my other favorites from the team have included:
Doing Our Husbands Good by Sandra
Philippians, Losing & Winning by Stephanie
Emotional Modesty by Kristi
Laundry Lessons by Teri Lynne

These are encouraging and inspirational posts that help me stay focused on being the woman God wants me to be. Anyone else out there need that kind of help?

Their favorites from Come Have a Peace included:
21,900 Little Things, a favorite of Sandra
Kristi's favorite, Catch Me to Lead Me!
Verbal Accessories, chosen by Teri Lynne
Kathy's choice, My New Favorite Coffee Shop
Be a Woman of the World, shared by Stephanie

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