Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tasty Tuesday ... Taste of the World?

This is a full week for us in so many ways ... full house, full thoughts, full hands, full car, full HEART! :) We are in the midst of our Global Missions Conference = JOY!  I'm not posting a recipe today. I'm off to introduce my international guest to TARGET ;) and my favorite 2nd hand shop. In the midst of our time with our global partners, yesterday our city experienced flooding that threw life into temporary commotion. CRAZY afternoon! Things were damaged, and God used the incredible storm to remind us, again, of Who is great and mighty. In the last few days, I've been reminded that these things are a "recipe" to keep me prayerful and peaceful:

Start with a good plan.
Tear it up.
Stir in unexpected events.
Sprinkle with lots of different people.
Toss in a couple of languages and lots of age groups, just to spice it up.
Work it out on a surface of things you don't understand.
Knead in your human limitations, and feel your physical weakness.
Let is rise during the night over open pages of God's Word, covered in a heavy cloth of prayer.
Turn up the heat.
Open the windows when it storms so you get the full effect of God's power.
Remind yourself that it's easy to think you have peace when times are easy.
Put a tight lid of joy over it, and take every thought captive if it starts to leak.

Pour in more than you think you can hold in your heart and hands, and let God expand you. As it bakes, it will overflow and turn into a heavenly shade of peace.  :)

Praying you are experiencing God's peace today!

I'm off!  Check out the new theme we're starting at Scripture Dig this week!

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:) It doesn't fit well on the table, but it seems to fill the chairs around ours quite well. :)

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