Thursday, November 4, 2010

How to Avoid Being 1 of the 9

If you're honest, (and like me, if you read yesterday) it probably takes more to really make you grateful than it should. My gratitude should go deeper and be more thoughtful. The story of 10 sick men in Luke 17 gives us a graphic picture of what real thanks looks like and what the absence of thanks looks like, too.

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Not surprisingly, it was the majority who displayed what not to do and the minority who displayed what to do. When we read it, we all want to be "the one."  We don't even know his name, but we want to be him. No one wants to be one of the "other nine."  If we don't take a little time to think about what separated the two groups, then we'll likely fall into the majority more often than the minority.

Today on Scripture Dig, I paint a picture of what it looks like "Leaving Gratitude in the Dust." If you want to know how to avoid being one of the ungrateful nine, read on.

We saw the picture of Gratitude in the dust yesterday from Luke 17.  Today we’re looking in the same passage at a picture of leaving gratitude IN the dust.
  • All ten sick men were desperate, begging for mercy from a safe distance.
  • All ten sick men called Jesus “Master,” recognizing His power to heal.
  • All ten sick men responded in obedience, turning to go to the priests, as Jesus instructed.
  • All ten sick men were cleansed.
So what made the difference for the “other nine” who didn’t come back to give their thanks to their Healer?  Maybe the answer lies in ... read more

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Life with Kaishon said...

This was a beautiful post and a wonderful reminder to remain vigilant so I can be one of the ones that returns to Jesus : )