Saturday, September 18, 2010

Relationship Rich Weekend Moments

Sort of fun, that in the midst of this month's thoughts on relationships, the Lord gave me a sweet picture tonight. My almost 16 yr old gave a surprise party for her now 16 yr old friend, and she invited friends from school and church. What a delight watching my girl blend the two groups and be hospitable to her friends, nurturing the relationships in her life. Relationships are important at all ages, though they may look different. A few things that made for a great "relationship rich" party tonight ...

  • playing a "how well you know the birthday girl" game
  • having a French theme, in honor of the b-day girl's language class
  • giving cooking themed gifts, in honor of the b-day girl's love of cooking
  • making individual french bread pizzas (love what you learn about personalities)
  • getting the house ready, so the girls know they're special
  • sitting down and listening to my teen guests
  • giving the girls lots of room to be girls and enjoy each other
  • offering coffee ;) ... times change
  • making individual dessert crepes (again, more of that personality showing through)
  • explaining how to make the crepes when they asked for a demonstration & info
  • watching an old movie that's so corny they loved it (Funny Face)
  • meeting the parents of new friends
  • before the party started, shopping and planning with my sweet girl
  • provided some good Father/Son time out of the house ;)

It was time well spent. I hope your relationships were rich this weekend! And if you need to spend some time together, make crepes! ;) Maybe this will be a Tasty Tuesday ....

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Dona Pugh said...

That sounds awesome!! Thanks for the suggestions! I am sure I will be using some of them. I have a ladies small group at my home, and the crepe idea is great!