Monday, July 12, 2010

Marriage Mondays ~ Silence in the Swamp

They said there was no oil in the area where we planned to vacation, but it wasn't until we saw for ourselves that we believed it 100%. With all of those struggling in the area of the Gulf, we were so thankful to find the waters around Apalachicola Bay are still pristine and clean. However, they are mobilizing to guard their shores, because they've heard and seen that oil is out there, and they know they could be in its path. Booms have been placed at strategic locations to keep the deadly oil out. It's not unlike husbands and wives setting up booms of protection in our marriages, knowing that toxins in our culture could reach into our homes in the same way we see and hear in other relationships. We have to be on guard.

In some areas researchers are tracking the impact of the oil spill, monitoring the extent of effect in wetland areas. It's said the health of wetlands is a good indicator of overall environmental health; you can see how well an area is by checking the strength of the population there. Sadly, some scientists are standing in marshy areas and straining to hear sounds of life. Instead, they hear swamps full of silence. Silence means toxins have seeped in and destroyed the life; silence means death. SILENCE SPEAKS VOLUMES. And it's a long road back to restoration.

It's easier to keep it out than to clean it up. To prevent oil from ever arriving is better than trying to respond after the fact, but neither is easy. And if it's a treasure worth saving, it's worth defending and trying to salvage.

Is there silence between you and your spouse? Have toxic habits and words and sins managed to seep into our lives? Maybe that silence is telling you something, that the life there is under attack, and you need to mount an offensive to save what's fragile, yet precious.

I hope when you stop and listen to your marriage that you hear clear sounds of communication, sweets echoes of encouragement, and the call of kindness. I know ugliness can creep in and interrupt the symphony in my "swamp," but I pray it doesn't get to a place of total silence before we recognize we let the ugly blackness of sin get a hold of us.

Our Savior makes a sweet sound possible: John 10:10 ~ "... I have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly."

Comforting words for those of use who share life with another and want it to be vibrant. I'm praying that Marriage Mondays will help us take a good look and listen to our marriages today, and praying the sounds we hear will be evidence of abundant life!

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Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

Excellent analogy today! Wow - you are so right and it goes with what I wrote about communication today too!


Nanette said...

Great Analogy!! I love when the Spirit is able to use timely, relevant topics as lessons, creating such a Powerful image. I especially like the part about "standing in marshy areas and straining to hear sounds of life." - I've noticed that it is in the marshy areas (the difficult places) that it was not always my practice to stop and listen for life, but rather to complain about being stuck in some yuck. I continue to thank God for the grace and mercy to notice when I'm in a marshy area, and Quickly choose life!

Cherie said...

Great post Julie. We SO need to guard our marriages from toxins that can destroy. Thank you for a great visual!

Brenda said...


I just came across your site the other day. I have enjoyed so much and been blessed by what I have read so far. You have a wondeful way of writing and communicating.


bluecottonmemory said...

My oldest son loves Apalachicola - he went with a group of Young Life leaders in college - it left an inprint on his heart.

Luckily, I'm a communicator. However, I need not to over-communicate or I can become like an oil-spill! My biggest challenge has been to learn which to be quiet and let God step in and communicate with my husband!

I think the key to communicating and why some people do not is trust - trusting that the other person will respond in love and trust back. I guess trust is the grease that keeps communication flowing:)