Friday, July 23, 2010

Common Concerns

I love spending time with women around the world, women of different nations and ways of life. When I'm in another culture I do a lot of listening, and it's always clear that women's hearts are full of common concerns and hopes:

  • making relationships work and experiencing joy
  • working hard at the right things
  • providing for the needs of those they love
  • being cared for
  • concerns about the future for loved ones
  • understanding hardships they experience
  • physical challenges of their bodies
  • fears about the unknown
  • longing for loved ones to make good choices
Really, it's remarkable that the needs of the heart and mind cross all boundaries of culture and language. I heard the same things from my fellow passenger Thea, the English lady in Munich airport, the Islamic mother visiting Athens from Dubai, my Mom concerned about her mom, the women who leaned on my seat talking for an hour during the overnight flight ;), the various women in ministry I met with (American AND national), the young Australian lady who needed someone to talk to, and others whose paths crossed mine as we traveled. It's evidence to me that God's Word applies to every life and place and time.

The universal heart issues of women ... God's got something for each one. I'm so glad God's truth applies to my life here, and I can take that confidence anywhere I go! What's on your heart today where you are?

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Mary Joy said...

What an amazing opportunity to get to know so many of God's beautiful ladies around the world!!!

In my corner of the world I am getting really excited about helping women to become better "Intentional Encouragers" to the people in their lives...I would love it if you would come visit my blog and share your thoughts...I know they would love to hear your words of encouragement.

Warren Baldwin said...

Good post.

Noel Giger said...

God's Grace - that's what's on my mind. His Grace is sufficiant.