Thursday, June 24, 2010

Meaningful Movie Nights

I'm enjoying some family time this week, though at times I think I felt like we were in an episode of Wipeout in order to get to time together! ;) Do you ever feel that way? If your brain needs to "go to" a place where you don't have to think about anything serious for a little while, it's a good show to watch. :)

And if you're looking for a meaningful way to spend an evening together with friends or with family, I want to share some ideas for "Meaningful Movie Nights." This list includes movies we have watched, but some great conversations were sparked because of the themes and ideas illustrated. Entertainment with a purpose.

Most of these are not appropriate for young children, but I think you'd find them something meaningful to share with a spouse, a small group, or friends. Take one on vacation to add a reminder of God's sovereignty and compassion in our world. We even used one for a sleepover with an unsaved friend, and it opened up doors we had been praying for. Check out more info on these to find one that might be a great beginning to build a "Meaningful Movie Night" with your loved ones.

  1. The Last Sin Eater
  2. Chariots of Fire
  3. Fireproof
  4. Water (This has subtitles, but I found I forgot I was reading after a little while)
  5. Facing the Giants
  6. One Night with the King
  7. Magdalena
  8. Matthew
  9. End of the Spear
  10. The Visual Bible - Acts
  11. Ben Hur
(BTW - I am NOT connected to Amazon in any way, but this is an easy way to show you lots of info in several of the links.)

Don't hesitate to get your own copy of the Bible out to "check your facts" in some of these movies. I watched "One Night with the King" with a group of women at a shelter last week, and at the end, one of the women who had not spoken had two things to say:

  • What do you think made the king change his mind?
  • I know what I'm doing tonight; I'm going up to read that story in my own Bible!

Music to my ears! And after a middle school friend who does not know Christ as her Savior watched the Sin Eater with us, she said, "That's the best movie I've ever seen in my life."

Have a free night this weekend? Have a meaningful movie night! Do you have a favorite that has showered some meaning into your life? And let's face it ... any excuse for making a huge bowl of popcorn and getting out a Diet Dr. Pepper is worth considering! ;)

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Chaos Cottage said...

Thanks for the list. I have seen or own most of those movies except the Indian one and the visual Bible movies and Magdalena. They look very interesting.


Crystal Roberts said...

I will have to look into looking for some of these that I have not seen, this is a great list, and many of them are very good films! Water was heartbreaking!

Maria I. Morgan said...

Thanks for sharing this movie list with us, Julie! It is amazing to see how God can use just about anything to point others to Himself - we just need to be faithful to speak when He gives us the opportunity! Enjoy your weekend.

Eyes Above said...

For those who are Reformed - the amazing movie Luther - a movie adaption of the life of Martin Luther (not Martin Luther King etc) is a very compelling look at corruption in the church and a man who risked everything to call people back to God. Loved it!

Barbie said...

I've seen most of these movies. I've loved One Night With the King. I have wanted to see The Last Sin Eater. How was it? I have the book and that was pretty good.

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Flywheel would be one I would add to that list--we really enjoyed it as a family.

Kristi Stephens said...

NP and I really enjoyed watching "Amazing Grace" - powerful!

Michelle said...

I loved both the book and the movie, Sin Eater!