Thursday, May 27, 2010

the Value of Vacation ... Rip Currents

If you've been to the beach you've probably heard about Rip Currents. The strong pull of ocean tides have the potential to pull swimmers out to sea, and the outcome can be deadly. One reason people drown is exhaustion from fighting the current. Life is sometimes filled with dangerous rip currents, and we face potentially dangerous levels of exhaustion if we don't get to a place of rest and sanctuary.

"Vacation" provides a unique time for a quality of rest we don't often get to enjoy. Since we thirst for refreshment physically and spiritually all year, though, we have to build in habits to quench our thirst. Meeting our need for rest is a sacred discipline. We are less likely to be Christ-like and effective in the life God gives us if we live exhausted ... I'm talking to myself here. I have to remind myself of this repeatedly. Sometimes when I'm trying to "get to" a time of rest, I feel like everything in life thwarts my attempts. Do you ever feel that way? Perhaps this is one reason why God told His people they were to practice taking a sabbath, a day to rest and to remember who they were and who He is. I have been so thankful that, even in our ministry life, Jeff has been faithful to take a day off for rest.

I want to tell you about a new source to quench spiritual thirst. May 31st a new site will launch called Scripture Dig. It's "a place for you to be equipped, encouraged, and empowered to dig into the depths of God’s Word." I'm thrilled to be part of a team of writers who are passionate about "helping other women grow in Biblical literacy and maturity in the Word." The week of May 31st the 5 writers will introduce themselves, and then June 7th we'll kick off our first theme, "Bible Basics." We've already been in prayer and working to put together this new resource to provide a source of spiritual refreshment and nurturing, a place to have our thirst quenched. Digging into God's Word is the best way to practice finding a heavenly quality of rest throughout the year. I hope you'll dig in with us as we begin sharing next week. Hop on over this weekend to take a look here.

The National Weather Service says, "Rip currents are the leading surf hazard for all beachgoers. They are particularly dangerous for weak or currents can sweep even the strongest swimmer out to sea." These strong currents in ocean water "do not pull people under the water–-they pull people away from shore. Drowning deaths occur when people pulled offshore are unable to keep themselves afloat and swim to shore." Let's be on guard to quench our thirst and get the rest we need, so we aren't drawn away by the strong currents of life.

For Saturday, a final thought ... some ideas for what to read on vacation!

Rest well,

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Teri Lynne Underwood said...

Woo hoo!!! Great post and I'm very excited about the next few weeks!!

Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

Oh this sounds FANTASTIC and like something my readers would love!!!

I can't wait to see the unveiling! I'll be following along!

Much Love,

Chaos Cottage said...

Looks like a great site. I bookmarked it. I look forward to reading it and digging into the Word.