Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Shameful 9 + 1

Have you bashed the 9 lepers? My parents always placed a high value on being grateful. Writing a thank you note, expressing appreciation, giving a gift of gratitude ... all very important in my childhood home and now in our own home. So it has given me reason to "tsk, tsk" and shake my head at those 9 UNGRATEFUL lepers who simply ran off on their way after Jesus ANSWERED THEIR NEED .... What were they thinking? You can read the pitiful story here from Luke 17:11-19.

Yesterday I was in prayer much of the day, waiting for news from my husband (who happens to be traveling in an area experiencing much turmoil politically); his silence from the other side of the world left me petitioning the Lord for Jeff's safety and discernment and wisdom and provision. You may've heard a BIG sigh/woo hoo! of relief yesterday when I finally got the word that they were ok, made it through the chaos and on to a safer area. Local readers may've seen me doing a happy dance on the front porch. I've read lots of travel warnings, listened to helicopters swoop down over my roof, and watched breaking news about a coup attempt around the corner from my favorite restaurant, but it's WORSE when you're not in the trouble together. So I was so happy that Jesus ANSWERED MY NEED ... and then I ran off to do other things like grill hot dogs, watch a movie, and do a little writing. Compared to my day of petition, my gratitude session was short lived. YES I was grateful, but I just didn't stop and take time to go back to Jesus and really give thanks. I guess that makes me a lot like "those 9."

This morning news from abroad was not good in a variety of ways; I found myself running back down the road (past the 9 lepers) to find Jesus and throw myself at His feet to plea for help again. I wonder what He thought when He "saw me coming." He knew I would be back. He knows I'll be back in that attitude of prayer today as I await news, even while I do laundry and clean up and keep the kids occupied. But before I run back to all that calls from everyday life, I'm going to do a heart and mind check to stay in an attitude of worship and appreciation. Afterall, that's how Jesus began and ended His pattern of prayer that He gave His disciples in Matthew 6.

I'm sure your weekend is full of all the things you've put off this week and waited for, but I hope you'll join me in taking some time to "go back" to Jesus and take time to express appreciation and worship. I'll be there, too. :)

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Michelle said...

Will be keeping you in prayer, dear sister!

Such convicting words. Have a blessed weekend!

Crystal said...

Such truth. My post today is about how during this time of year I tend to stray further & further away from prayer, etc. I know He sees me running back for more very often & yet I know I don't go back & give thanks. On my post I added a challenge for myself this week & I'm adding this to it. To GO BACK after asking for so much. Thanks Julie!

Rachel said...

Such true thoughts!! Sometimes a child will ask over and over again for something (like a treat or toy), and when they finally get what they want they say, "thanks" and go on their way. We do the same thing w/ the Lord! We beg for his strength, wisdom, and working in our lives, and when He does those things, we forget to show Him our true gratefulness!! I'm guilty of this all too often!!
Thanks for the reminder, and I will continue to be in prayer for your husband! Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

Danie Marie said...

Wonderful reminder, Julie. Oh, how we all need a grateful heart!

Kristi Stephens said...

That story always strikes me, too... how quickly I can take what He gives and fail to be truly grateful.

Praying for Jeff and for you and the kids!