Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wait! Not so fast ...

It usually takes me weeks to remember to write a new year in my checkbook, in correspondence, etc. I groan to think of all the times I will scratch out "2009" in days to come. What's a busy gal to do? When a new year starts, I get swept away in the force of starting new things, putting the last year in the category of things like "the size I used to be, the casserole wave of the 80's, and orange shag carpet."

So before we rush ahead to the new year, hold on long enough to do something my sweet hubby does each year. He takes time to make a list of things he was thankful for that year. A bulleted list works for him, but you can tweak the format to work for you ... just like a variation on 80's chicken divan casserole (endless but so satisfying!). To get myself started, let me share some of my thankful things from 2009 ...

  1. 19th year of marriage sweeter than the first
  2. friendship that has blossomed ... so fragrant in my life
  3. love my daughter has developed for cooking and herbs
  4. enjoying a sense of humor & understanding with my tween son
  5. my family was blessed by 2 times away as a gift from people we didn't know
  6. I saw more of God's amazing creation this year, including my first wild moose
  7. the chance to be my husband's partner in ministry opportunities
  8. a broader age group of other women in my life ... so rich
  9. God has prompted people to pray for me and share it when I needed it most
  10. new opportunities to use and enjoy my love of writing
  11. rich truths I learned from God's Word and the chance to teach it
  12. wonderful moments at bedtime to listen and talk to my tween and teen
  13. the gift of "friend time" for our family with another
  14. a chance to walk through salvation with a searching soul
  15. dark nights around a campfire as a family that will be treasured by all
  16. sweet time with believers in other countries w/common ground over God's Word
  17. discovery and treatment of an early developed skin cancer
  18. giving & the joy of watching women's hearts being ignited to give
  19. healing/freedom from an emotional injury to my heart and spirit
  20. more time with ones I love
  21. a surprise anniversary night planned by my sweetheart
  22. visit from distant friends sprinkled throughout the year
  23. water in our basement that made a mess that made me feel helpless that glorified God
  24. a Bible study at the high school that so encouraged my daughter
  25. words of kindness from God's people

I could go on and on. The longer I reflect, the more I realize I have to do a thank you dance for! Could you go on and on? Could you make 100? What are you thankful for in 2009? I know God was good to you as He was to me. Aren't you just so excited to see what the new year holds, to see what we will write when we reflect on 2010 months from now?

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namartinez0503 said...

My dear friend Julie - thank you so much for your post today which reminded me of how much I am thankful for in the past year. There were so many overwhelming trials but in retrospect without them I wouldn't have found the blessings. 1. P31 Ministry which led me to... 2. Come have a Peace which led me to... 3. a sweet prayership with you. Thank you for being there for me when I didn't know who I could turn to. I know God is ALWAYS there and He knew the exact time to bring you into my life! Nancy

Kristi_runwatch said...

Amen! Thanks for the challenge to reflect today - 2009 was a difficult year, but so full of God's presence and blessings. We have much to praise Him for!!

namartinez0503 said...

God gave me some great thoughts - please see my comment on January 1st. Blessings, Nancy

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Julie@comehaveapeace said...

Yes, Amen! And Nancy since I posted my list, God has continued to remind me of more ways He has been good, more blessings. Our prayership was a blessing to ME also. I was encouraged to watch God sustain and provide for you. Good timing for both of us, sweet friend.

Julie@comehaveapeace said...

I appreciate the feedback, Anonymous. It's always my hope that I will let God work on me and grow anything in me that may honor Him. I'm encouraged to hear that you see that growth as you read. :)