Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Waiting to Work? ~ Pt. 2

Yesterday I shared some insights from Pam, a friend in our church, in her 8th month of "Waiting to Work" with her husband. Robert is well educated, with great experience, but the high unemployment rates of 2009 impact people at all levels of learning and experience.

Pam shares some of what her husband has dealt with in these long months. He has shared that he worries daily about finding a job; he really wants to provide for his family, but job hunting today is quite a challenge. Robert has an undergraduate finance degree and MBA in marketing. Today's unemployment is no respecter of experience or education. As ultimate providers for their families, men can experience a heaviness of concern for how to care for their loved ones. This stress can show in difficulty sleeping and in battling depression, especially when unemployment is long term. Uncertainty about the future takes a toll on self esteem and confidence. It can take a toll on our faith.

Wives are experiencing stresses related to the economic climate also. Many have increased their work hours or taken on new employment. I think that all of us can say we've felt the heavy ripples when we pay at the grocery store, pump gas, or weigh the necessities over the wants that we and/or our children may have. Joblessness has taken a toll on savings accounts, investments, plans for the future, home ownership, and lifestyles. The anxiety is not limited to men or women, adults or children. The pressure overflows in families experiencing or expecting to be out work.

Pam shares that, "We are in constant prayer to our Lord to provide Robert with the job He would have him to have."

When I asked her how friends can help, she said friends can continue to pray for the right job in God's time and way. They thank God for His provisions for their family and for taking care of them through this trial. Families in the midst of joblessness struggle to maintain their faith and not be overcome by their practical needs and personal discouragement. Pam says that when her husband finds the right job, they'll sing such loud praises to the Lord that everyone will know it! She has maintained a positive outlook, but it can be discouraging when people ask about the job search and obviously aren't lifting the need in prayer. They are eager for the encouragement & help of praying partners.

For those searching for work, each day is a new hurdle. Pam shares that her husband continues to apply for jobs daily through the internet. He shared his resume with his ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) family, so they could pray, know his skills, and keep their ears open. I appreciated hearing about Pam and Robert's sensitivity in the midst of their own needs; they asked their ABF leaders if they felt it was appropriate to share the resume before they did.

While they wait, Robert continues to serve at our church in the AV ministry and photography team. This couple continues to have a spirit of trust in the Lord and fellowship, even while they experience hardship.
"Waiting to Work" can be a season that challenges us in every way, and the Lord is faithful not to leave us in our time of need. One of the ways He cares for us is by lifting the load through loving friends who pray and help and encourage and then CELEBRATE with us on the day the need is met!

Is there someone in your life who needs prayer to find work and to persevere in the wait? Please leave a comment and share their first name. I'd love to pray with you for their need.

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Chaos Cottage said...

Thank you Julie. This is a very good article. We covet your prayers.


Heidi Pocketbook said...

Julie, please pray for my oldest dd. She is degreed, yet jobless. Thank you!

Ann said...

Hi Julie! I myself have been out of work for 2 years now. I have applied at over 400 places during that time. I have applied everywhere and anywhere. During that time I have only had 3 interviews. I keep holding onto my faith and praying that God will provide me with the right job but it is hard to keep the faith when it seems like so many doors keep closing in my face :( I am so tired and burnt out on sending out my resumes and filling out applications. Some days I feel like, what is the point?

Missy said...

wonderful article. my heart goes out to this couple. i do love how they are praying for not only a job...but the for the job God wants.


Julie@comehaveapeace said...

Ladies, thank you for sharing the needs you are experiencing and those of loved ones. It will be my privilege to pray with you over these needs. Please keep me posted.
- Julie

Warren Baldwin said...

Linked here from Cindy's site. Good post. I know a number of families facing this challenge. Being unemployed for a long stretch can be unbearable trying to a family, not just b/c of the financial strain, but b/c of he husband's feelings of being unable to provide for his family. A Christian man who feels deeply the responsibility to care for his wife and children feels the pain incredibly deeply. In times like these we have to be very understandng and supportive, as you counsel here. Very good post.

Enjoyed the visit. You have a good blog and are a good writer.