Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Forgetful Guests

When guests arrive, they often bring a lot of paraphernalia with them. My parents ... arrive with all kinds of food and yard sale items they've gathered while thinking of us. They also bring dozens of shoes ... ok, maybe they just spread them out all over the house to look that way. :) My dad usually brings a newspaper, and my mom brings magazines she's done with or clippings of articles she knows we'll appreciate. Sometimes Dad brings frozen trout or venison to add to our freezer. My mom brings her own makeup mirror that magnifies my face to look like the surface of the moon! She used to bring a bottle of starch, so that she could make a contribution to my war on my ironing heap. :( As they've gotten older, they've added a heating pad to their supplies (You know, we don't have those in Tennessee). Sadly, they leave the bottle of starch behind. :) But they make up for it with bringing a plethora of coupons for all manner of services, businesses, and food ... even in Tennessee.

In hosting overnight guests, I have found that it's a gesture of kindness to have some extra supplies available to cover forgotten items. Ok, I have to admit that I really learned this when I WAS THE FORGETFUL GUEST who appreciated a basket of "let me help you" items. From my list above, you can see why my parents rarely leave behind items; they are from the prepared generation, but "regular" people do forget things ... lots of things. :)

Items to put in a basket for forgetful guests:
- a toothbrush ... of course!
- razor/shaving cream
- soap
- deodorant (travel sizes work well)
- lotion
- q-tips
- band-aids

Try putting this little poem on a tag, and tie it onto a basket of thoughtful items with a strand of raffia, a shoelace, yarn, or a recycled gift ribbon. Can't remember where you put the ribbon? Use a clothespin to clip it on there.

We're so glad you are with us and hope that you will be
at home as you refresh yourself, and let us know your needs.
As you unpack and settle in and know you've left behind
something that you need to have, please let us help you find ~
a razor, soap, a lotion, or item you left out.
Please tell us what, please don't be shy, just give a little shout.
Let us know what didn't come along while far you roam.
Most of all, feel welcome while you're staying in our home.

You don't have to have a guest room ... I've enjoyed being a guest in a camper parked beside a house, in a TENT pitched in a yard, in a living room or other space. Use a side table to create a "guest station," and modify the traffic flow while guests stay there. Whatever your resources, say "welcome" with whatever you have!

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sweetjeanette said...

oh Julie! That is a lovely poem. How sweet, your story of your parent's visits. I had an aunt who lived in Tennessee for a while, I'd leave money in her freezer! (I called it "cold, hard, cash" !!! LOL) I'd like to share a post I did on hospitality and where I fall in that (it was also a devotion I wrote for our ladies ministry at church) You can find it here:
Click here: Hospitality