Monday, June 1, 2009

CONSULT a Trainer?

On April 1st I posted a blog about a small warning label on the machines where I exercise (Ok, not as often as I should, but enough to say I exercise there!). I recently woke up early and decided to go in. My poor dog saw my how I was dressed and got so excited that he danced and flopped and jumped around the kitchen, landing on the doormat by the leashes, with his tail wagging like the spinner in my washer. He knows that when Jeff is dressed in exercise clothes, it often means a trail run with our enthusiastic Brittany. But Trace learned a valuable human sort of lesson today: "Looking the part doesn't necessarily mean there's anything to back it up." So, I left my confused pooch and waded through the humid morning air to get to the gym.

I really feel like I've made progress, because now I actually need to use the paper towel & spray they provide to wipe sweat off of machines you use. If you lean over (like when I'm breathing hard) I can see the shimmer of a little sweat that means I've joined the ranks of the wipers. Progress!

So, this day I was pulling the "things" down on the machine when I noticed that warning again: "Stop immediately if you experience pain." BUT this time, I read on to the next line. WHOA! How did I miss that before!?!?! It says, "Consult a trainer."

If allowing God to use the stretching in my life to strengthen me means that I experience some pain, then I need to remember this great advice when I feel it: CONSULT A TRAINER.

Last week I shared my simple plan for spending time in God's Word this summer: OMAP. I didn't learn how to study on my own. I think of all the people who have helped me: MaryEllen, Carol, Angela, Kay, Dan, Craig, Jim, Carol ... Trainers. And I've enjoyed some really helpful times of learning, starting back in high school and college and then many since. I won't look at that little label the same anymore. It's great advice to live by!

Has God used anyone in your life to consult with when you've experienced pain, been stretched, or worked out in life?

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Kristi said...

I love your applications to things like this (and your dog is adorable!!)

I've had quite a line of trainers, as well - it's interesting that just like at a gym, we often try to muddle through on our own and look the part of someone who knows what they're doing, rather than humbling ourselves to seek out help along the way!

Jullie said...

Why do we do that? I'm having coffee with a trainer Wednesday morning... she thinks we're just having coffee, but I always go away feeling so encouraged and like I've grown. Looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

Jul, thanks for being one of my "trainers." The Lord has blessed my greatly by giving me YOU! Love you, Jenny

Deb said...

This is kind of weird...just yesterday, you wrote about how we need trainers in our walk. And today,I wrote about how we aren't designed to swim or walk alone.

Maybe God is trying to get my attention.

Great article! I'm referring to yours of course.

Julie said...

Thanks, Deb. I had God get my attention yesterday, too. :)