Friday, June 5, 2009

2 Nights in My Guest Room

Last night was the 2nd we spent in our guest room. We've been there before, but it's been a while. I'm so thankful for a room that is "just for guests," always ready (ok- a corner is my "office" but it's just a corner). I always wanted that (a guest room), but not having one shouldn't keep us from opening our home to guests. Some of our guests past have enjoyed one of our kids' rooms or our room. In fact, that's being used right now. My parents are here visiting, and our room is just a better space for them right now.

When was the last time you slept in YOUR guest space? Many of us have visitors in the summertime, and it's important to be "guest ready." This time was a little hectic before my parents' arrival. Ok, more than a little. In fact, I was downstairs when they arrived, and Jeff and Jo were at the church when I heard a distant voice calling, "Hello, is anybody home?" They'd crept in through the garage, and only the dog had greeted them. They missed my cute "Welcome Nana and Papa" sign on the front porch by the door. :( The sheets to remake their bed were just finishing in the dryer, and the blondies were just finishing baking in the oven. My parents didn't mind, but I didn't feel quite as "guest ready" as I like to.

Sleeping in my own guest room has proven to be something really helpful in preparing for guests. It helps to know how the bed feels, how private it is, how quiet it is, and what's "missing." This time, I noticed that:

  • One window blind is room darkening, and the other is not.
  • It's so nice to wake up to the birds down here in the morning.
  • There's a dead centipede on the guest bathroom floor this morning ... yuck.
Have you slept in your guest space? Are you "guest ready" this summer? More than the right bedding, the right towels, or the right breakfast, our guests want to know we love them and want to spend quality time enjoying each other. We can do a lot, though, to make being a guest in our home a time of rest and peace. From some loving hosts, I've learned some great ways to show "I love you" to guests as I've visited in other homes and had many in mine. I'll share some tomorrow. Do you have a favorite way you get "guest ready"?

Dear Father,
Help me love my guests today, not just in word or deed.
Help me serve and care for them and lift them in their need.
Help me bless, encourage them and give a place to rest.
Help me, Lord, to love these ones as if You were my guest.
- Julie

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Anonymous said...

Julie, your gift of hospitality has always been a blessing to me. I know Mom and Dad will "feel the love" in your home! Have a wonderful time together. Love, Jenny