Monday, May 18, 2009

Tire Pressure & Alignment

Not long after I was reminded about the need for "Pressure Release" the Lord reinforced His point...a first hand demonstration I couldn't ignore.

I planned our orthodontist appt for the morning, to fit in a few cups of coffee. On the way, I complained our mechanic must've missed something in our recent check-up. Even I could tell it was grossly out of alignment. I demonstrated its veering to the right, as if my mini-van had a mind of its own. We had an hour appointment, so I got JoHanna checked in and decided to run to the gas station for a bottle of water for my parched son (didn't we just leave home?). Moving to the center of the four lanes, I put on the blinker to turn, noticing I was being shadowed by a worried faced man making motions like I was a plane coming in to land. He mouthed the words, "Your tire is going flat!" as traffic swallowed him, and I pulled away into the station, coming to a stop by the air pump. Sure enough, it was as flat as a PBJ in the bottom of a backpack.

Jeff was already late for a big meeting, so I called to say, "I'm not asking you to come. Just give me the new Triple A number, and I'll be fine." He's preparing for upcoming travel, but, alas, the membership is for ONE, and that one wasn't "moi with the flat tire" (working on that...). With a little negotiating, he said he'd send out the cavalry, one of the maintenance staff from the church, also an amazing "Mr. Fix Anything". In no time, he arrived, got in strange contortions under the car, & installed the spare. My son said the wimpy spare was "embarrassing." I was warned not to go over 45 mph, & Jacob looked at me with concern.:/ I called the orthodontist to pass along the message to my waiting daughter that I would be there asap. All was well.

The problem? A tiny crack revealed an old patched injury to the tire had come undone. The open wound let out the fragile balance of ... pressure. There it was again. Unlike the swollen, out of control damage of the swollen thumb in Summer Pressure Release, the opposite condition brought me to a screeching, potentially dangerous, halt.

Proverbs 4:27 says that I need to stay on course, not veering from the right way. I can't do that if I'm out of alignment...or flat. I tried.

Prov. 4:27 Do not turn to the right nor to the left; turn your foot from evil.

Post-appointment, I would've been on the highway when I deflated. If it would've been the next day, I would've been on the other side of town at the zoo. Despite the fact that "I deflated," it was kind timing on God's behalf. It was a warning. The lack of alignment should've been my clue that I needed to stop and do maintenance immediately. Ignoring it, even temporarily, can be fatal. Without balance and alignment, there can be no peace.

1. I need to check my pressure often, to be sure the fragile balance is kept.
2. When there are wounds and holes, I need to repair them completely, or they come undone later.
3. The Holy Spirit fills me and keeps me balanced.
4. When my life is not filled up with the balance of God's Word in my life, I quickly deflate.
5. When one area of my life is totally flat, the whole thing is out of alignment, and I'm just moving on borrowed time.

God has a kind way of intervening in life, so that He keeps steering us to His path, the path of peace. Has God gotten your attention with any first hand demonstrations lately? What are you doing to stay in alignment?

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Courtney said...

Wow - great analogies - I love it when God does that!!! Thanks for sharing and sorry about your flat - that's no fun :-(

Jane (Frugal Fine Living) said...

Awesome! It's amazing the simple things God can use to teach us important lessons in our lives. Thanks for sharing this.