Thursday, May 28, 2009

Simple Summer Plan ~ M

Part 2 - "M" Meaning

Begin by praying and asking the Holy Spirit to give you a desire to grow, to help you understand what you read, and to use what you read to change your life. Don’t assume this just because it's "Part 2". :) Got your Bible and your paper or notebook? You could also use 3x5 cards. Don't ever let the "paper" issue slow you down in studying God's Word. Wouldn't the enemy love it if we never got down to our summer study, just because we didn't have a cute new notebook to use? Many people probably have 1/2 leftover spiral notebook from their kids' school year ... perfect.

Today, read the same limited passage of scripture for the second time.

This is the day to take your learning one step further. Focus on Meaning by writing down:

Definitions of any KEY words. Use a simple tool like a dictionary, if you want to. I stay away from in this case, because of the danger of getting distracted by things like .... BLOGS! :)

Short explanations of any of the Who, What, When, Where, Why, How facts that are more clear to you today than they were yesterday. God has been working with the Word we hid away in Part 1, so we will have new insights to record. Expect it. The Holy Spirit is doing His part as we do ours, so there's no surprise when the Word, "gives understanding to the simple" Psalm 119:130.

That's it. Keep it simple. It's summer, and God's Word will refresh you as you let it. I need a simple plan like this, because I see the days slipping by before I get it together and get back in the Word. How about a very simple, but great, summer recipe? This came from my friend Lynette. ENJOY!

Cucumber Water
(Served at a baby shower. Refreshing but easy idea!)

Just peel and cut thin slices of a fresh cucumber. Place them on the water in a pitcher (glass is pretty), not stirring. Chill for about an hour or 2. You can stir gently right before serving. So summery!

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