Saturday, April 4, 2009

What Does Empty Mean to You?

"Empty" is one of those words that is so full with meaning, stirring up pictures in our minds. Just think …

  • Empty lunchbox … "Great! He loved it and ate all his lunch… or did he pitch the evidence?"
  • Empty ironing basket … "I've died and gone to heaven!"
  • Empty gas tank … "I knew I shouldn't have waited so long."
  • Empty bread shelves … "Snow storm's coming."
  • Empty suitcase … "I can't wait to leave! Or … I wish it wasn't over…"
  • Empty mailbox … "Rats."
  • Empty room … "Ahhh. Quiet. Or … Ugggh. Quiet."


My favorite "Empty" stirs up pictures of an early morning in a garden, with a damp boulder pushed from its cradle in front of a musty cave tomb. Easter is a beautiful "Empty," an empty that changes all of the empties that preceded or followed it. In preparation for the coming celebration of Resurrection Day, my favorite holiday of the year, I want to spend the next few days reflecting on the "Empties" of the past.

A definition of empty: containing nothing; vacant; unoccupied; destitute of some quality; devoid

Synonyms: blank, void, vacant

Antonym: full

And just so that your week won't be "void" of thoughts about the resurrection, each day this week I'll also share what was happening on that day of the Resurrection week and the scripture where it can be found.

Here's to a full week of anticipating the emptiness of Easter!

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this! This also my favorite time.


Sharon Ballard said...

I too am looking forward to reading and preparing for Resurrection Sunday!