Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pray it forward

I was wrapped in a favorite blanket when she called to ask if she and her husband could come over. They heard I was suffering with a back injury during a very full season of opportunity here in our church and family life. Many told me they were praying for me, and most were, understandably, trying to be sensitive and let me "rest in peace." It was good for me, and I enjoyed a lot of quiet time with the Lord, with my dog :), my Bible, and my family. (Not to say the family is glad Mom is 90% back in action & the heating pad is stuffed under the bed where it belongs ...)

But one soft sister in Christ pushed aside our natural inclination to talk ourselves out of "Holy Spirit" promptings (I know, 'cause I've shoved many away in favor of not looking foolish). Now lest you are a faithful praying friend who is feeling a tinge of guilt, DON'T. :) YOU gave me the gift of keeping my "stuck in the house with a back injury" appearance something only a few were exposed to. Let's just say, "Not picture worthy on a blog."

They two came around 8 pm and insisted I stay settled on my couch mound, but she sat beside me, and her tall husband drew up close to mine. Then, they wrapped prayers around us. They declared God's healing power, interest, and ability out loud, and they underscored all the reasons for me to be encouraged. When they had blessed us with their partnership in prayer and words of faith, they left. I felt so relaxed and restful all over, and in the days to follow, the prayers of my "house calling" brother and sister in Christ and the prayers of my texting friends and calling friends and "unheard by me" friends were answered. I am SO much better than before, and God gave me all that I needed to do all that He asked at just the right time. God hears the prayers of His people, and He answers.

When was the last time an arm of the Body wrapped around you and upheld you in prayer? In 2000 a movie was shown called, "Pay it Forward," based on the idea that we do a good deed to 3 more people who pass on that good deed, and so on and so on, until we change many lives.

As followers of Jesus, what a privilege to PRAY it FORWARD! As people pray for us, we overflow in faith and encouragement to pray for others. At our retreat we gave out cards with the name of each woman who was there. Since I had been "so prayed for," I was greedy and took 3 cards. :) Those 3 names are now in my kitchen window, and I am enjoying the privilege each morning of "PRAYING it FORWARD" as I've been prayed for.

I would love to hear how God has blessed you lately through the prayers of a sister in Christ! Now, let's go "PRAY it FORWARD!"

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Anonymous said...

That's an awesome idea of having names of ladies on card and you take one and pray for that lady.
Great idea!!
Joanna Rummel

Anonymous said...

I had an army of people come over throughout one evening to pray for me during my last miscarriage (and now I am pregnant again and doing great). God heals our hearts and answers prayer.
Becca Ware

Julie Sanders said...

So glad to hear about the healing and the part that the prayers of others played. It is great news that you are expecting and doing well. We will join in prayer with you. Keep us posted!
- Julie