Friday, April 17, 2009

Celebrating #55 ~ GIVEAWAY!

April is often a month of "opportunities" in our household. We have two family birthdays, our Women's Retreat, sometimes spring break, and many other ongoing pieces of "life." I've wrapped up a Bible Study group on I&II Thessalonians, and last night I enjoyed hosting one of our women's groups and sharing with them from God's word. This April we've also enjoyed visits from several old friends reaching from Eastern Europe to the Midwest to Asia. It has already been a full month, and we've only passed Tax Day!

In turning the pages of April, I just noticed that I am celebrating my 55th blog of 2009, and I'm really excited about that. When I took the blog plunge in January, it was an act of obedience for me, knowing that God had been prompting me to take this step since last summer. He used a lady on the Proverbs 31 editing team to give me the "push" I needed to obey. In honor of this milestone for "Come Have a Peace," I want to give away a booklet that I've found to be a real encouragement. It's called "Mothers of the Bible," and it's great preparation for Mother's Day ... if you are a mother, if you have a mother (ok, that just grabbed everyone) or if you want to see some neat truths about women in the Bible that we've all overlooked (who is Keturah?!?).

Leave a comment on ANY April post, and you'll be entered to win this book about the Bible's mothers. Feel free to win and pass it on to your own mom or a friend who's a mom or a wife who's a mom (that's for those few men out there who inconspicuously read my blog :) ). Just click on the word "comments" below, and leave a comment to be entered.

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Kristi said...

Hey Julie! I'd love to take a look at this booklet - thanks for hosting this giveaway!

Congrats on your 55th! ;)

Lisa said...

Julie, what a sweet idea! I'd love to win.

How did your time go the other night?


Julie said...

Thank you for asking, Lisa. It was very sweet. I had hurt my neck this week and was tempted to cancel, but I was oh, so glad that the women came. I know that the message was good for me, and I think they were challenged, too. I'll write about it sometime ... dinner in the garage ?!? and then dessert in the dining room. :) Very sweet fellowship.
- Julie

Courtney said...

Congratulations on your 55th blog of the year! I'm glad you are blogging! I enjoy your site!

Anonymous said...

Julie, it's me, your SISTER! Yes, you know I'm computer challenged, but I just had to check out your blog - it makes me feel closer to you and I love that! The book sounds sooo good - if I don't win, get me one :-) Love you tons, Jenny

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
Enjoy your blog, have been thinking about starting one when my husband gets deployed. Any suggestions?
Joanna Rummel

Julie Sanders said...

Hi, Joanna -
I've learned so much, and I still have so much more to explore. :) I would be glad to share with you what I've learned so far. Give me a call, and we'll plan a time to sit on the porch and "talk blog." :) When is your husband scheduled to deploy?

- Julie