Sunday, March 22, 2009

Using Your Membership

If your "membership" in the Body of Christ has been gathering dust, here are some ideas for how to use it and see results.

  1. Eat right in between sessions (Read your Bible daily. Not sure where to start? I love Ephesians. Ephesians 4 talks about the Body of Christ, the Church!)
  2. Stay in touch with your Trainer (Spend time alone with God in between church meeting times, to prepare your heart and mind.)
  3. Stay away from unhealthy choices (Ask God to give you an appetite for what is pure and to lose the appetite for sin.)
  4. Make friendships with others in training (Each time you spend time in a group meeting, plan a way to extend a friendship: email, coffee, a card, a call, Facebook.)
  5. Go to extra help workshops (Look for what's on your church calendar, and plan to be involved in more than just Sunday worship.)
  6. Be informed (Learn story of your church's growth, what they believe, and who the leaders are.)
  7. Find a way you can contribute (People who serve are people who stay. Pray for, ask for, and accept a way to serve others in your church.)
  8. Buy a t-shirt (Ok, just kidding here, but the truth is that it helps to feel like part of a church family when you identify yourself as "one of them.")
  9. Pay your dues (Investing in a church body through time and tithing links us to it in a deeper way. This is not a "membership fee," but a joy to give to the Lord.)
  10. Make it a priority (Expect to have distractions and be prepared to persevere and develop faithfulness through active membership.)

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Carole said...

I love the way you made that analogy. Very creative - and good advice.

Glad that you are participating in the party!

Lindylou said...

What a great analogy for church compared to a gym membership. Very creative blogging. I live in middle TN, but love the mountains on your side!

Found you from Blogparty2009