Friday, March 6, 2009

Glimpses of Friendship

Since it's been our Missions Conference this week, I want to celebrate some of the time that we have had with our guest missionary women. A picture is truly worth 1000 words, so enjoy!

On Thursday we had over 100 women gather for a lunch. It was classic "potluck," so that's a scenario that promises awesome food! After lunch, it was time just with the girls. Our guests shared highlights and challenges of their last year, as well as ways we can intercede for them in prayer. As they shared their hearts, they described how God has used "things of life" such as tragedy, injury, danger, family relationships, emotions, stresses, working relationships, pets, marital status, loneliness, and transitions to stretch them, use them, and show Himself to the world. In the photos, notice that no one has an "S" on her shirt, no halos, no large black Bibles planted on the table. We all fit together well as followers of Jesus. We were left encouraged that these "missionary" women are a lot like us, and we count it a privilege to be their friends and partners in the US.

Today some of us had the privilege of sharing some smaller group time with our guests as we had lunch together, laughed, talked, ate, and then shopped. In the process, we built bridges of friendship that will provide pathways for prayer, ministry, encouragement, and fellowship. Time together with missionary women is sweet, so I hope you'll enjoy these glimpses into our time together, and I hope it will encourage you to look forward to nurturing friendships with missionary women in your life!

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