Tuesday, February 3, 2009

God Gave Me a Sabbath ...

Sometimes I just get the feeling that my Heavenly Father knows exactly when I need "Sabbath time." He is so good to give that to me. It's rare that we have a lot of snow in Knoxville, but yesterday we had just enough to dismiss school early, force us to stay home, and to flow over into another snow day off today.

thank you for my Sabbath time. Time to be with You. Time to be with my loved ones. Time to be quiet. Time to listen. Time to think. Time to read. Time to pray. It refilled my spirit and my body. You always know when I need time to rest from this world and to remember whose I am.

Gratefully yours,

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Teresa said...

Julie, great job on the beginning of your blog! I am not as far along as you in the 'blog' world and am impressed with the 'peacefulness' of your page. The colors are beautiful & soothing and your message is very inviting. I'm proud of you for stepping out in obedience. I enjoyed my visit today and plan to come back often. Love, teresa