Friday, February 20, 2009

Marriage: Truly ONE, Truly TWO – Part 5

Truly Two – Becoming One

One afternoon we canoed along a river, carrying a few bags we packed together, headed to a destination we had agreed on, paddling in rhythm. With friends who shared a canoe nearby us, we motivated each other to stay on course together. We brought our best to the canoes that day, with nothing to encumber us, no interference. As the day wore on, we were surprised to discover masses of tire like water snakes, piled on logs, even hanging from overhead branches. Strangely enough, I don't remember being afraid or ever thinking of bailing out. I was confident in our partnership, not feeling threatened by what would've usually alarmed me. The surrounding threat made me appreciate the safety and security of my partner's presence even more. The memory of that striving together journey is imprinted in our minds as peaceful, despite the slithering danger around us.

What are you bringing to your canoe? Are you dragging around life's old baggage or gathering new burdens along the way? Have you released your load and come to your marriage "free"? Have you, by faith, believed in God for yourself and become a new creature in Christ Jesus? If you come to the oneness of marriage unburdened, believing, and new, then you have all you need for a "fruit full" union. When we are who we need to be, individually, then we are able to become "Truly ONE." My marriage can grow into a thing of beauty when I ask myself, "Am I who I need to be?" There is sweet joy to be found in a marriage that is born if "they will become one."

If you are single, then blessings to you as you grow into the woman God dreams for you to be and as you encourage your married friends to live out their oneness to glorify Him. If you are married, then blessings to you as you pursue oneness.

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