Tuesday, February 10, 2009

4 Words

Just four words can change your life, stop you in your tracks, change the way you look at the future, bring you to your knees, alter your schedule, cancel your plans, pull the rug out from under you, or make you a different person. About 2 weeks ago, I got a phone call with four words. What words I heard isn't the important thing today, but the call caused me to give much time and thought to how just four words can change a life, my life, or your life. When I listen to the heavy hearts of people today and to the news of the world's condition globally, locally, and personally, it all seems to go back to just four words. Words like these:

The serpent deceived me

Knowing good and evil

Cursed is the ground

It's gonna cost you

I am so sorry

I'm afraid you're overdrawn

The bank is foreclosing

There's been an accident

I can't afford that

What will you do?

You need a replacement

We have to operate

It was an accident

Let's just be friends

I'm sorry, it's cancerous

I don't love you

We have to downsize

I've lied to you

There's not a heartbeat

The tumor is malignant

Just leave me alone

I lost my job

I wanna go home

I got in trouble

The test is positive

I want a divorce

I'm seeing someone else

I'll fight for custody

I didn't mean to

No one will know

Have "four words" ever rocked your world? And since these kinds of "four words" can hurl a life into chaos, God doesn't leave us in despair. He answers with "four words" of His own, "four words" of hope and promise.

In the beginning God

Death is swallowed up

With an everlasting love

Yesterday, today, and forever

A child is given

Christ died for us

I've overcome the world

He'll direct your paths

I shall not want

He is risen indeed

I am with you

The cross defeated death

By grace you're saved

Be strong and courageous

For God so loved

My God shall supply

My grace is sufficient

Thy will be done

Rejoice in the Lord

Be still and know

That I am God

I'll never leave you

Peace that passes understanding

Do not be afraid

I am the door

The Word of God

I am coming quickly

The Lamb will overcome

I am alive forevermore

Count it all joy

I'd love to hear the 4 words that have challenged you and helped you. Feel free to share them with me by clicking below on "comments". Let's rest in the second list, the answers to the first list. Let's enjoy "peace that passes understanding,"


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Patty Fortner said...

I like to "rest" in... I'll never leave you. Thanks Julie : )

Libby said...

I'm in a "count it all joy" season.

Anonymous said...

With Easter coming I like "I AM ALIVE FOREVERMORE"

Andy Wood said...

I gave God time.
Be still and know...