Saturday, January 31, 2009

Peace is for People

When I live in peace, I am free to:

~ think about another person's needs and pray for them
~ observe a need and take action to meet it
~ hear someone's discouragement and encourage them
~ recognize a burden and reach out in support to help lift it
~ leave my own comfort zone and take initiative to go to a needy person
~ rejoice in God's sovereign work in my life, demonstrating God's provision
~ share testimony of how I fight a cloud of despair and live in joy
~ answer the prompting of the Holy Spirit to love someone else

Peace blesses people. That's loving one another as Jesus loved us, John 13:34-35.

Acts of love spring out of a foundation of peace. They may look like a meal, a card, a phone call, a smile, a gift, a hug, or any other of the many ways we need to be loved in the midst of life's challenges.
Peace blesses people. How has a sister blessed you out of the peace she has found?

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