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A Sampling of Topics


From Barn to Beauty

What woman doesn't want to be loved and chosen, to be set apart for a unique and precious purpose? Knowing God through His name reveals God's intentions for us. Hear vivid descriptions of God's desire for you to move from something broken to something truly beautiful.

Filled and Freed

This well known woman is more like we are than we may realize. Seated by the Stranger, she found what all women long for, and she was never the same. This message shares truth from the well at Sychar that still transforms a woman's life today.

Women of the Open Door

She arrived uncertain of how she would be received. What happened next is the beautiful story of how one woman's open door can change the future of another. Hear this inspirational story of influence, and be inspired to be a woman of the open door. (also for Christmas)

Gifts to Embrace

As girls grow into women, there are gifts to be given. Hear the story of precious gifts given from the hearts of friends, gifts God has designed for the younger to receive from the older. Relationships have the potential to leave deep imprints on the lives of girls growing into women, God's women.

The Problem … (with Peace, Pain, and Praise) – Retreat

Life is certain to be punctuated with problems. Though they may look different, challenges face all women. These 3 sessions uncover God's plan for bringing beauty out of our burdens.

That's Love – Retreat

I love a good story, especially when it unwraps an amazing truth about something divine. This package of 3 or 4 sessions paints the picture of what love really is through the story of God's servant, Hosea. You'll never think of love in the same way again.



Take TWO

When you don't move in synch, it's impossible to become one. Through laughter, encouragement, and God's truth, your confidence will be renewed that two really can become one.



Lifting Up our Loved Ones – Praying for your children

Great things can happen when a mother intercedes for her children. With all the needs, how do we know where to focus, so that our prayers truly make a difference?

Off to School We Go! – Elementary Years

From her time in the carpool line, the teacher's desk, the professor's chair, and on her knees, let Julie encourage you with real help to make the most of the exciting elementary years in the life of a child.



Praying for Pia … When the Women of the World Weep

How do we pray for women caught up in the overwhelming challenges of daily life and even disasters in other cultures? Catch the vision for the gift of intercession for the "foreign" women who will someday stand with us in heaven.

Missionary Woman – Friend or Freak?

Aren't missionaries too holy, too frugal, and too busy to need a friend? You might be sovereignly surprised.


What Others Say:

Julie Sanders is passionate about knowing God and making Him known. A gifted Bible teacher and warm communicator, Julie draws from her life experience as a Pastor's wife, mother, Women's Ministry Leader, and former missionary to exhort women to trust God. From Outreach Events to Leadership Retreats, Julie's enthusiasm is contagious! Spend 10 minutes with Julie and you'll think you've known her all your life! You, and your women, will be blessed. - Patty

"…many times today the messenger outshines the Message.  That is never the case with Julie.  Whether through written skills or verbal communication, the message is always the same - Christ Jesus.  Julie's communication is always non-judgmental.  This unconditional acceptance is an open door of invitation to both believers and non-believers to share their hearts and their hurts and their hopes.  The Word is the center of everything she shares and that draws ladies to the Savior and not to her." – Debbie


"Not only does Julie have a comprehensive understanding of scripture, but she is able to communicate that effectively and compellingly. It is not a dry, academic understanding, but a very relevant and personally applicable one.". – Becky


"her voice and words are filled with the love of Christ that can only come from the heart and a personal walk with our Savior. She has the ability to draw the listener into His presence." – Vicki


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